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Water Heaters and Water Tanks

Chauffe-eau et ballon d’eau is like a economy seven unvented hot water heater in the UK , it is a cylinder that has an electric immersion element that is connected to the electric and will constantly run keeping you with hot water , They are extremely popular in France as its as it is very easy to produce hot water and very easy to use.

A Chauffe-eau et ballon d’eau would be sized at 50L per occupant of the property and must have the safety valves in order to protect your self and the Ballon.


Groupe de Securite:

When cold water heats it becomes lighter and it also expands , in order for it to expand safely it must have a Groupe de Securite this will be set at  so as when the system heats up and expands it lets out the pressure in the cylinder these are obligatory on your system.

Sécurité limiteur thermostatique:

The water inside the ballon must be hot enough for it to kill bacteria (legionella) but cool enough as to not harm yourself or others , Thermostatic blending valves have been obligatory in France since 2005 and these are connected onto the hot water outlet , when the hot water comes out it mixes it with cold water to a temperature of around 50C these can be adjusted.