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Fioul central heating is very popular here in the South West of France, not being the cheapest or cleanest to run it is a favorite among Expats because the fuel is easy to purchase and the boilers are fully automated unlike wood boiler stoves ect.

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A lot of the Fioul boiler out on the field are still non condensing models which are not very efficient and lose a lot of heat out through the flue pipe , if you was to get new Fioul boiler you would most definitely want to replace it with a condensing model to save money on your heating bill. other tricks to lowering your bills is to over size your radiators so that you can lower the flow temperature of your boiler in order to use less oil.

Temperature control is also a good way of saving money on your bills as this allows the boiler to modulate down when the room is coming up to temperature keeping your house at a comfortable level that you and enjoy and can adjust at your convenience.Image result for Lago control

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