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Solar Photo voltaic (Electric) 

Solar Photo-voltaic (Solar Electric) are a great way of saving electric costs on your home , In the South West of France we receive around 1200 KWh/M2 of sunshine so their is plenty to collect when the irridance is out, with solar panels constantly dropping in price due to competitiveness and efficiency panels are getting better and the market is always improving for the customer.

Solar panels can be on roof systems or in roof which means that the panels can either sit on top of your roof or tiles can be removed for the panels to sit into your roof being flush. Also now coming on to the market are solar tiles which are a great idea and are more aesthetically pleasing to the property.

Ideally a solar PV system should face between south east and south west, and be free of shade. For best performance they should be angled at 30 to 40 degrees – although you will still catch a reasonable level of sunlight at angles of 20 – 50 degrees.

Inverters: when a solar panel collects energy it generates electric in the form of DC electric this cannot be used in most property’s so a inverter is used to convert the DC electric into AC electric which is what appliances and property’s run off , These inverters can also be used to store electric in battery systems that can be used when the sun goes down making solar electric possible at night.  

Solar Powered Hot Water

Solar power is greater than most people imagine with enough energy hitting the earth in one minute to meet our demands for a whole year – if only we could harness it properly.

How it works

Solar Powered hot waterThe panels work by transferring heat into a fluid that is circulated to a
solar coil in the base of the hot water storage cylinder. Here, the heat is transferred into the stored domestic hot water. The cooled fluid is then circulated back to the solar collectors to be re-heated, and the cycle is repeated.

  1. Solar panel
  2. Solar control unit
  3. Hot water storage tank

Our engineers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in this technology and we can guarantee a first class installation, commissioning and after sales service backed up by an annual service and maintenance plan.

How Photovoltaic Systems work

Solar photovoltaic systems capture the sun’s energy using solar photovoltaic cells. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.  Photovoltaic solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to work,  you can still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

PV modules (usually fitted to the  roof on your home) convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity which is then converted into alternating current (AC) by inverters. This electricity can be used in the home or exported back to the national grid.

Given the unpredictability of the weather here in the United Kingdom, you may ask is it technically or financially viable to use photovoltaics as an energy option. The fact is, photovoltaic systems do not require bright sunlight to operate and will pr