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Biomass heating systems, also called wood heating systems, burn organic materials – typically wood logs, pellets or chips – in a wood-burning stove or boiler to provide heat and hot water.

Everybody loves a log burner

Installing Wood Burning Central Heating in France.

Wood burning central heating systems in France are very popular and almost all houses either have a log burner or a boiler stove to heat up their property, wood is plenty full in France and extremely cheap , some people buy plots of forest just to use as heating energy and replant ready for the next time with fast growing trees. but around the areas there is always wood merchants and delivery merchants waiting for you to ask to drop off a load.

French systems are typically the same set up as it is in the UK using really the same design thinking. With the UK a part of Europe components and ideas have been back and forth and merged together to create a similar system. Some components are different but very much work the same.

Open Vented Systems

In the UK we called this system “open vented ” and works on having a metal or heat resistant tank at the highest point of the system which takes the expansion of the hot water. The tank at the highest point is open to the atmosphere and vents off , the pipe work to the Vase d’expansion ouvert must be unrestricted and allow a good rise of heated water.Vase d’expansion ouvert systems are fully pumped and are a good system designed correctly and safely. In the UK we have a tank that must be metal and also have a copper ball cock valve which automatically refills. In France their is not ball cock and auto refill this must be done manually refilled when the tank reaches a low point. The issue with open vented systems is the heating water is prone to oxidisation and dirt , your water can be contaminated and also cannot reach the high pressure of a sealed heating system.

Sealed systems

Sealed Syetems are the most common form of heating system and has surpassed the Vented system . The sealed system is locked off and is not open to atmosphere making this a very clean and efficient system , a sealed system has a closed expansion vessel attached with takes the increase in volume as the water heats up , this is also a fully pumped and a high pressure system. The sealed heating system has various safety controls which protect the system in case of power failure or overheating.

Energy Prices

2.6 tonnes of Bois Buches = 10,0000 KWhs esti