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Biomass Boilers/Wood Pellet Fired Central Heating

A wood pellet central heating boiler is a very efficient and economic way of heating your home compared to oil, gas and electric.

Also known as Biomass boilers, this system use carbon neutral fuel such as pellets or logs from local, regenerated sources to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly heat for the home. The carbon released during the combustion process is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel’s production.

The cost of pellets is always dropping as more suppliers come on to the market.

The pellet boiler is an improved wood burning, solid fuel appliance which makes life easier than its brother Gasification as it is automatically fed from a hopper.

These hoppers can hold up to anything from 200 liters up to 7.5 tons of pellets with the hopper being filled from either manual sacks or through the suction feed from a lorry, making very light work of the filling process for this boiler.

How it works

When there is a heat demand, the feed mechanism (auger) automatically supplies fuel to the combustion chamber from the hopper. The built-in modulating fan delivers a precise amount of primary air to ensure the boiler operates at maximum efficiency.

The temperature is regulated by a thermostatic controller in conjunction with the modulating fan. This ensures the boiler runs at optimum output until the set temperature is close to being achieved. The control then modulates the fan and auger reducing the fuel supply therefore switching over to a reduced output. Burning wood pellets can achieve considerable savings in comparison to oil and LPG. Savings depend, amongst other things, on the type of fuel, costs and the annual efficiency of the old boiler.

Once the Pellet Boiler is programmed to start a auger is activated pulling pellets from the hopper and down into a burn pot in the fuel chamber , once the burn pot is full the fan starts and the automatic ignition is activated , this is a probe that heats up to high temperature heating up the burn pot until the pellets start to combust the fan accelerates the burning process and the heating has started. The pellets once burn turn into a fine ash and drop into a ash can below the burning pot , a good quality pellet will leave very little ash.

Pellets boiler are best linked up with a storage tank to reduce stopping and starting as this is when a boiler uses most of its energy on firing up. Even though it does improve the life of the boiler some pellet boiler modulate low and a balloon (storage tank) is not required saving you money on installation costs.

2.1 tons of Granules gets you 10,000 KWh cost : €735

1000 ltr of Fioul gets you 10,000 KWh cost : €851

781KG of LPG gets you 10,000 KWh cost : €1650

Please note that prices vary from supplier to supplier, also the more you purchase the more you save.